Sunday, 16 December 2012

Festive fun

So the season to be jolly is fast approaching. and hobby time has returned with a vengeance post exams. Main work has revolved around the blood angels however quick update.... i caved 

Yup went and got a lynx....and it is a beauty, since this pic has been washed and ready for building. but haven't decided on the scheme. My other Eldar are ulthwe but think black would be a bit boring...still to decide.

But back to the angels. getting a lot done. Tycho, attack bikes and beginning to start some tanks so its all good. With Tycho have done both versions. For the Death co version again black was a bit boring so tried an intepretation of dead mans hand and went with OSL. Regular version tried to mimi the NMM seen in white dwarf. can't quite pull it off as the colours seem off and has ended up a bit lumpy but looks ok  i guess

 in other news also picked up a drop pod which will be used for the stern guard in the works, initial base coat done

Finally almost completed Chronus

All in all lots done!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Chronicles of Xepher - Post 2

So, not done one of these recently so while i'm on a break after an afternoon of fun filled revision....(funny how these posts always seem to coincide with revision time...procrastination? me?...never! ) On an aside note, flippin' heck! did not realise this blog has been going for over a year now...time flies when you're not really posting that often...
But thanks again to all those that have visited, almost 1000, but most are probably just me.... :D

Anyway been so long not sure where i got to with this series...ah yes, airfix models....all great entry level stuff, but soon it wasn't enough and during the final years of primary school i finally became introduced to the world of Games workshop (TM) when a friend at the time brought in his Space crusade set for a day where we seemed to just have fun..think it was towards the end of term. At that point i thought, "that's pretty cool" (probably in more adolescent terms though as was young and innocent at the time) but it wasn't until he started bringing in white dwarf and citadel top trump cards that i really started getting hooked..the intricate paint jobs on the details, some of the battle reports, descriptions and fluff, reading about assault cannons. For a young kid who had previously been been into the 1:72 scale stuff and collecting stickers (the craze back in the day)...this was the new fad that i could really get into. Except it wasn't a fad... 20 years later, i'm still here collecting a true "exarch of the hobby" to put it in nerdy terms....

1st Captain Tycho
So, what were my first miniatures? Well they had to be Space Marines, the poster boys and all. And one Christmas probably back in '92/ least i think it was Christmas i got my first miniatures. It was tough deciding what to ask for, but went with the Tactical squad boxed set the one with the Ultramarine paint scheme and the Blood angel captain that was to be known as the first Tycho.

I didn't care back then they didn't sit together in the same chapter. They were cool minis!! However, despite now being the proud owner of a squad of marines and a captain, therein lay the first problem, they came supplied unassembled and unpainted...what to do? I didn't want to ruin them with my undeveloped artistic skills. No better to get them done properly by an older sibling who did art at secondary school! So with a sweet puppy dog face (i was a lot cuter back then) i managed to enlist the services of my eldest sister to paint them for me. (This was to be the arrangement for the early years of my hobby career) However at this point in time i was a happy bunny.

Squad Typhon - Banner was a later replacement as the original fell off
Now these may not be the best painted minis but considering they were only painted using a mixture of 4 citadel paints (Skull white, bad moon yellow, ultramarines blue and blood red) and humbrol enamels they're not bad. However, this limited palate was a template that i would carry through as i grew into my hobby. They served me well and brought much pleasure just admiring them as have never got into the whole gaming aspect of the hobby. (Though in recent years am starting to get more enthused)

But as with any collecting, soon more reinforcements are needed. Still not really influenced by army choice these ended up being painted to whatever the artwork at the time depicted them as. This led to an allegiance of sorts towards the Blood angels, encouraged  by White dwarf battle report at the time which heavily influenced what to put on the birthday/Christmas/reward lists. So Devastators soon followed along with this Rogue trade era librarian (unknown at the time, chose it cos it looked cool)

laying the foundation for what seems to be a long haul relationship

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Month one completed!

Just a quick post to report i made it for month 1, have noticed a few minor defects but they were finish so huzzah, think this whole complete an army in 6 months might just work. Although probably not for next month with exams drawing ever closer...

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Angels on a deadline

So have taken on the new challenge of producing an army in 6 months, have been cracking on in earnest this month before i completely have to devote all spare time to my impending exams in November. This challenge is brought to you by the ammobunker forums and was a way to help jaded hobbist get some mojo back. It seems to have worked for me but not sure if its this impetus is due to procrastination with revision. Ho hum. Anyway the format is to complete a FOC unit a month going troop, Hq, Fast attack, Heavy support, Troop and elite. Should be pretty straight forward so am using it to re-engage with the blood angels. Hoping to revamp them at the same time. My choices for this challenge are

Troop - Jump pack assault squad
HQ - Tycho
Fast attack - 2 Attack bikes
Heavy - Vindicator or devastators
Troop - Jump pack assault sqd
Elite - Sanguinary guard

Month one is almost complete so doing quite well. Still some niggly details such as squad markings etc but pics of this months progress below. Today i managed to do their bases.
But lessons learned this month with is still hard to do, especially over a grey undercoat. but have found vallejo fire red works well over the white. Still may try and pic up some mechrite red or the replacement as i go on for detailing as normal blood red is too translucent. Also been trying out the airbrush for figures, not really working for me, still more suited to tanks for me. think i've got the pressure on way too high. but live and learn.


Same pic as left, just tidied!

Revamped classic sgt, will be a sternguard sgt now

Tank support including previous ebay bargain raider turned crusader reclamation project

Same as left but less focus on sgt
Sgt has to lead from the front...though is likely to get shot now

Final thought....Ebay is still bad...bought two FW hydra's today...bargainous but still another two tanks to the collection to work on. .i think i'm saving these for retirement...but just to give you an idea of the backlog to paint..

Grey knights - mini army as smaller than the others but still not insignificant
Eldar revisit - interest has been resurgent of late resulting in purchases that have created an army in their own right
Raven Guard - a nother mini detachment
Imperial guard - armoured company to finish, artillery company, 2 infantry more
Ultramarine armoured brigade - 2 land raiders, a predator, whirlwind, & a storm talon

Bretonnian/empire dogs of war
High Elf - full army

Anima tactics
Soda pop
Kingdom death

so yeah....enough to not be working on....erm

Monday, 17 September 2012

The Lynx effect...

 *random ramble alert*

"I must have it... it's soo beautiful, - no, when will you have the time to give it the love and attention it deserves? - but its so shiny.... -you've already got a massive pile of unpainted, unbuilt stuff,...." that last bit should make it clear that i am talking about hobby related stuff.... but these are the inner conflicts that i imagine all hobbyists often grapple with and one i seem to be increasingly at odds with. I touched on it briefly in my last post, but following on, i wanted to explore more into the addiction that is this hobby and ways people manage. This probably won't be a coherent ramble but i wanted to get in down so i could reconsider at a later date. Anyway this has all been prompted by my recent failure to acquire a FW Lynx on ebay. Yes ebay, the terrifying agent of the temptress "Internet" that will tease and entice you with pretty pictures and great ideas from other blogs. All while creating new simpler ways to make parting with your hard earned cash to purchase materials and models for said ideas easier, using promises of cheaper bargains to make it seem you are making a saving.... You see, these days with the rising costs of everything, the option not to pay RRP is a major draw, especially for luxury items. And having discovered the joy of online stores such as maelstrom, wayland and total wargamer, as well as afore mentioned ebay, this option has become a reality.  However, there are certain times when the desire gets too much and with "one touch" buying and its ilk, it is all to easy to throw self discipline and rationality out the window and succumb to the headrush. I almost found myself come acropper of this with the recent Lynx episode. Luckily i came to my senses before i made an order with forgeworld as realised i do have a massive backlog of stuff and i really should stop buying for the time being Yet, this hasn't dampened my enthusiasm for it ( it is a beautiful model) and i can't rule out picking it up direct at a later date...(maybe xmas or after exams) 

Picture from FW, cos its beautiful

But what is it that drives this desire? surely its better to have finished miniatures? Indeed i enjoy setting out the armies i've collected over the years to evaluate and admire with a quiet sense of pride, in that "i did that, they're my boys (and gals - re: sisters, and eldar)". So surely i should be buying only after i've painted what i've got? A noble notion, but one not easily abided by. It was only achievable back in the day, through no design of my own, as it depended on whatever i got form family via birthdays/xmases/ special occasions. Therefore i had to really prioritise purchases to those models i really wanted  But ever since i've become an adult and have some disposable income to play with, the unpainted pile has grown to silly proportions with a mixture of nostalgic purchases, - steadily acquiring models i always liked but were not high up enough on the priority list, - to all the cool new releases, as well as discovering other minature lines such as infinity, anima tactics, it's all gotten a bit much. But where is the end to this madness? the fact is i don't really know, probably when i run out of space or have more important issues to deal with. but for the time being its a semi pleasurable ponderer. 

The beginnings of a displace case.

Anyway projects wise, after recent retake, have been trying to continue with hobby progress. Taking a break from the guard as have been at them for a good while now. So have switched focus on marines of late. Mainly blood angels. I had previously classed this as a completed army, but then space hulk came out and then sanguinary guard/death co so have been bulking them out a bit. This has been going on a wihile but again the parts were acquired but never got round to it. But after the landraider haul of the previous post have decided to get this done. At present looks like this.. okay missing a devastator squad and some of the characters in the army shot, but plan to add two 10 man jumpack assault sqds, a 5 man sanguinary guard squad, some honor guard and maybe some stern guard as well as a baal predator, vindicator and razor back so much to do.

another unfinished project. Blood angels getting a revamp
Internals of the the refurb to that landraider in the last post. Came apart quite well and with a well stocked bitz box was able to replace several parts including the assault ramp and front mantlet where the heavy bolters sit. I also had spare inner doors so all in all its getting back to some real loving. The inside hadn't been painted so that was first job after all the replacement parts. This is going to be attached to the blood angels and am making it into a crusader. itching to finish it but needs a bit more love as scuffs on the outside of the tank i am aiming to make into battle damage but requires a bit of for thought.

 After a bit of a strip and clean up, a bit of a spray with the ol' airbrush, its come up quite nice. Also tried my hand at a new freehand technique for ultra symbol i learnt off tale of painters blog. Works a treat. will try to find the linky but

After the refurb

 but for now thats your updates, thanks for reading unknow reader(s).

Friday, 17 August 2012

August austerity

Not particularly, ebay put paid to that! But not one to overly update i guess you could apply it to my posting.
Anyway its been a strange month so far, have been wanting to do stuff but more exams and other things have taken priority, not that exam studies are going ahead smoothly. Birthday has been and gone. Another year older but still my love of the hobby doesn't seem to wane. Its just having the time for it. Inevitably when trying to make time, it always gets eaten up by something else. Professional studies, social commitments, family life and just last weekend as i was settling down to painting some tanks... a blocked drainage system in the kitchen...c'est la vie and adult hood. Alas the birthday present i wanted to get - time to play- didn't really materialise. Still not all bad. Still scouring ebay for bargains which have led to an awesome haul of a land raider and massive pile of bits including a classic wraithlord amongst other junk, all for the princely sum of six whole English pounds! admittedly postage was the killer, £12! but considering the land raider and the plethora of bits. (i do like sorting through a pile of random bits) can't complain too much
Initial rustle through to see if landraider was complete
After first sort, Pile o' bits including old Dark Eldar Helions, jump packs, guardsmen...

...and a Wraithlord!
 Now admittedy the Land raider will need a bit of work(has already begun, see below) I think it started out as a Chaos Land raider but was then orkified, Thankfully not too much damage, can disguise it as battle damage. And due to my joy of buying bits of random crap my bits box is pretty much furnished with replacement parts for the inner doors, and the assault ramp as this needed to be removed and reinstalled as had been stuck down

 As you can see in the back ground this is on top of work on my first Landraider where i've now fitted it with the reinforced armour.

All in all much fun with tanks...when you have the time.

I've also come to the conclusion that while all these wonderful blogs in my blog roll can be a great source of inspiration, they are also a great source of envy and keep fuelling my buying impulses. Its an impulse i must kerb as the pile of unfinished stuff grows. Need to focus on my stuff and make some of the ideas floating about in my head a reality again.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Retro fitting and other updates

What's this? two updates in a month?! something must be wrong....Not really, just at a loose end and had some photos to post. Mojo has died a bit of late but hey ho, it comes and it goes.

Anyway updates, got hold of some reinforced armour off warseer trading forums for a land raider. Now i didn't actually have a spare land raider but always felt my first one deserved a bit more protection. Luckily i always leave the option to revisit my models so any thing that isn't part of the main structure was glued down loosely so could be broken off without damage. 
Pictures show results as i started to attach it to my Ultramarine raider "Bellator" with the armour primed and preshaded.

Part painted with the rest of the armoured group

and onto some other projects, "Uruhu" sentinel and one shot who i am aiming to enter into the ammobunker monthly compo, but with afore mentioned ebb of mojo, not sure if will get it finished in time...well will see

Friday, 13 July 2012

In the mood for.... an update

Actually that's a lie, hence the continued lack of regular updates...but it's not like i don't want to share, its just with only a finite amount of time, the choice is either to spend time posting or to getting stuff done. In such circumstances getting stuff painted/built wins out, unless i am that case the bed wins. I don't know how all those other bloggers out there do it, but kudos to them.

Anyway, rare occasion where i have time, motivation and uploaded pics of progress...and by my standards boy has there been progress!!

However, it has petered out of late due to afore mentioned knackerness and also recently got my exam results demotivating me. Mixed bag, passed one, failed one so a resit is on the cards which might limit hobby time again *sad face*...but still, an update is owed of what i did manage to achieve. so on to the pics

Previous post mentioned desire to focus on the tanks, and focus was indeed applied....

Voila, a pile o tanks!
King Russ completed
For those who like a backside

Russ company
plasma weaponry!

Alas the momentum did not last, but they are further along than before!

Pilot is Flt Lieut "Ace" and Flt gunnery sgt "trigger" 
Next up got more work done on the vulture i bought a while back. Markings really do make a difference and quite happy with how it is turning out. The next stage is will be finishing the weapon options ( punisher cannons or rocket pods and hunter killers to create a 40k apache) weathering is also in order but all in good time

Finally a collection of miscellaneous projects

Valhallans on the charge

Grey knight cruiser
a scale line up 

Who doesn't like titans? but whilst the forgeworld ones are beauties, can't justify getting one so a collection of the different sized walkers instead

Also started work on a new line for me, Soda pop miniature's "one shot and Fritz". What can i say? love robots and the pilot is quite cheeky, was a bit of a test in building her though as no instructions and some non intuative parts. got their in the end though. Need to finish painting now though