Sunday, 16 December 2012

Festive fun

So the season to be jolly is fast approaching. and hobby time has returned with a vengeance post exams. Main work has revolved around the blood angels however quick update.... i caved 

Yup went and got a lynx....and it is a beauty, since this pic has been washed and ready for building. but haven't decided on the scheme. My other Eldar are ulthwe but think black would be a bit boring...still to decide.

But back to the angels. getting a lot done. Tycho, attack bikes and beginning to start some tanks so its all good. With Tycho have done both versions. For the Death co version again black was a bit boring so tried an intepretation of dead mans hand and went with OSL. Regular version tried to mimi the NMM seen in white dwarf. can't quite pull it off as the colours seem off and has ended up a bit lumpy but looks ok  i guess

 in other news also picked up a drop pod which will be used for the stern guard in the works, initial base coat done

Finally almost completed Chronus

All in all lots done!


  1. Non metallic metal is a nightmare! It seems you need to keep practicing it until you 'get' it - there's something to do with the light source or something that everyone I've met who can do it can't explain...

    1. Tell me about it, this is my second attempt, first was sanguinor. I kinda get the principle it's just pulling it off so it looks convincing. My colours seem off...but as you say more practice. Picked up some retarding medium the other day, will see if that helps.
      Thanks for stopping by again and congrats on your 10000!