Sunday, 3 February 2013

Blog envy and ebayicytis

Erm, so blogging.... seems like such a good idea, but when it comes to actually committing time to it, always seems to come last. Alas, that is life. One thing that does not help is the plethora of other wonderous blogs out there that time spent on line is usually blog watching others as demonstrated by my extensive blog list on the right. Guess its just a side effect of the hobby...i collect and hoard...even blogs it seems.. but yes when it comes to my own the thing is i don't feel i have anything new to add, everything is already out there, usually vastly better executed. And the pain of it is seems to fuel my ebay see things, think "ooh, i could try that" search on ebay find something completely different, or a bargain,  click "buy it now" and end up with a whole pile of stuff you'll never get around to... and then curse that you don't have more spare time, but when you do you're too tired or real life commitments get in the way...but it doesn't matter cos there are always tempting things on ebay  ending up buying for the sake of the rush and retail therapy.....arghhhh... anyway gone off on a tangent...

But never the less i guess this is my little corner and maybe i'll try and devote more time to it and share some thoughts about life in general. However at the moment just seems like an endless cycle of exams and limbo. Speaking of which, exams were a bust. Doing 3 at the same time yielded crappy results. Although not massively off.....flippin' 2-3% off a pass is mightly annoying. But better luck next time and all that fershizz. Just need to buckle down more. But new cycle begins. Thank you the Mayans

Anyhoo time since my last post has not been wasted hobby wise, a variety of models have been worked on finishing up odds and ends.

Firstly, Commissar tank, This has been reworked with new turret and commander added. had this for a while. So thought i'd get it done. Although turret still not finished.

Also finished this Infinity fig, Have named her "Lauren" said in a french accent as this particular set "the Metros" i think are based on the french armed forces.
And to round off, work on the blood angel vehicles. Not much to say, other thank detailing to be completed. Have been working on infantry as well but no pics

As a final note, will get to the Eldar in a later chronicle but here is a unit of wraithguard, picked up a few more recently on ebay and decided to repaint the whole squad together so these have been stripped ready for a new paint job. So this photo is just for posterity.


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