Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Chronicles of Xepher - Post 1

So haven't been very productive in the writing sense of late, but that doesn't mean i haven't had ideas or wanted's just sitting down and setting time aside that has been the issue. Goes back to the motivation issue in the previous post. But since then have had a few thoughts that i have wanted to put down ranging from nostalgia (triggered by a reunion of sorts with school friends from 10yrs ago) to lady jiggles. Now the latter isn't as erotic as it sounds...for wont of a better word to describe it, its when you absent mindedly jiggle your leg up and down when you are preoccupied with something else for reasons unknown. I get told off by my mother and my lady partner for it as apparently it is not a good look, and in Chinese terms any fortune you may have had is shaken out. Anyway back on topic, yeah so thoughts on lady jiggles is that i didn't know they existed in the female of the species. Thinking it a predominantly male trait, i was surprised today to see a lady on the tube jiggling away which got me thinking as to whether this was a one off or that all ladies do it also just more discreetly. In retrospect this is a pretty inane thought to put down. Alas, my mind is cruel and only remembers the inane when it should remember the more interesting thoughts that disappear into the ether. Sometimes i wish i could have a mind impulse dicta-phone that types out all my thoughts...maybe i should invent that one day....actually they have one already?...What does Stephen Hawking use? Does he speak with thoughts or is it through tiny movements?

But that is neither here nor there and i have gone off on a tangent. Tonight i was meant to start writing up my "life in miniature" series that gave rise to this very blog. The aim was that i start documenting my trials and tribulations with me toy soldiers and how i got to where i am today. So what am i waiting for, without further a do, let us begin.

Chronicle 1

Now you may have thought i was going to start with GW stuff and "my first mini" and i wouldn't hold it against you, seeing as i've posted up some of my stuff already. However, like so many others, my love for such things started before i was even introduced to the GW world.
From an early age i had an affinity with all things small and detailed. not sure why.. (no chinaman manhood jokes please)...but i was drawn to things like match box cars, lego etc, but it was when i started getting toy soldiers that really sparked it. My first ones were some airfix Germans 1:72 scale my sister bought me when i was probably about 7ish. She had lovingly painted them for me with enamel paints using a toothpick. I loved them from the start, the amazing detail fitted in on those tiny bodies gave me much joy and I spent many a happy hour making "pew pew" noises and chucking them about. They survived pretty well albeit with chipped paint and i've never chucked them. Maybe lost a couple but they still remain in my stores. In fact i spent some of tonight locating them...

 But from then on there was no going back. Soon some Napoleonic Russians were added to my growing collection, coinciding with the introduction of "Sharpe" in my televisual diet. and despite the paint scheme they represented the "rifles" in my growing battles... be continued

Friday, 16 September 2011

Motivation and life

So its not intentional that i haven't posted in a few days..its just how it works out. Much like life..things don't usually go to plan. Originally i had planned on taking weekends off but i think i'll just post as and when.
Anyway writing on here seems easier than writing in my journal (yes i have one, and no i am not a girl) although it is easy to get distracted. At the moment have been distracted by this weird Japanese film called Love exposure on film4...It sick yet funny in only a way the Japs or Koreans seem to manage. Gory and tackling a weird. But back on topic..if there is one, been busy at work lately and then studying in the evening so time has been sucked up. Not much time for much hobby or anything but again that is life. So yeah motivation or mojo..such a capricious entity.
Anyway too distracted by this film but thought i should put up some recent work
My Kasrkin/grenadier conversions, these are just Forgeworld helmets, some ebay appropriated backpacks, comms packs and greenstuff. Quite happy with how they turned out, now if only i could improve photography skills...stupid macro always makes them look rubbish. My lighting probably doesn't help. Ho hum

Friday, 9 September 2011

Blogroll a thumbs up from me!

If all else fails I'm kinda liking the blog roll thing. Its a useful way to keep track of what's happening on the blogs I'm reading at the mo. Generally my taste in rolls errs to the ones with useful tutorials on stuff like using an airbrush or making washes but ones with nice pics and ideas also catch my attention....I guess most people have the same criteria though. Anyway still trying to sort this design stuff out.
As for my blog title, if it looks unfinished, it is in a sense. Was originally going to add "painter" after the impatient bit. But thinking about it, that characteristic relates to a fair few other areas of my life so thought i'd just leave it add that. Gives me licence to ramble on about life and put down thoughts from self reflection and evaluation. Anyway rambly post....quick, pictures!....

Storm Trooper detachment

This actually isn't the most up to date pic as they have now been based properly, by properly i mean the bases have been painted instead of being left sand colour. This detachment will be complete once i build the second Valk and convert up a hummer style vehicle for the 5 man squad.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Learning the ropes

So, still designing this thing...although i use the term lightly. The layout is currently one of the standard ones, and the picture the default for this style...though i kind of like it. As this was mainly going to be my archive of my hobby have added the relevant blogs that i've been reading in the past few months. In retrospect it seems odd that despite all these years its only recently that i've discovered the wealth of information in blogs. I guess i've finally embraced my inner nerd that i've been in denial about for so long. hmmm.
Anyway next is to figure out how to add pics and set up galleries to make this truly archival. hmmm

Ah hah, its pretty much like posting on a forum.....Oh well might as well stick my first hobby related photo in. My guard tank companies as they stand.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

So...more of my life this wise?

The answer? Probably not, but considering i spend a lot of my life in front of a computer these days it was inevitable. So might as well use this as an exercise to practice writing more than an email in a bid to save my dwindling written language skills.
So i'm coming pretty late into the game in this blogging malarkey so why now? be honest my opening sentence says it all. I've been hesitant to join the legions of voices that inhabit the tinternet, thinking "what's the point? Do i really want to share my thoughts and views on life with anyone and everyone?" But delving deeper i realised that I already exist online and its played a big part in my life whether i like it or not. In my younger years it helped forge some of my social outlook when i frequented a discussion board. However, there are other factors, primarily i was going to use this to chronicle another big part of my life. Wargaming miniatures that i've collected since 1994, however i think now i'll use it as a tool to help order my thoughts and to review what have been the major influences in my life...I'll still use it as a miniature blog but i guess it can be more than that.