Friday, 16 September 2011

Motivation and life

So its not intentional that i haven't posted in a few days..its just how it works out. Much like life..things don't usually go to plan. Originally i had planned on taking weekends off but i think i'll just post as and when.
Anyway writing on here seems easier than writing in my journal (yes i have one, and no i am not a girl) although it is easy to get distracted. At the moment have been distracted by this weird Japanese film called Love exposure on film4...It sick yet funny in only a way the Japs or Koreans seem to manage. Gory and tackling a weird. But back on topic..if there is one, been busy at work lately and then studying in the evening so time has been sucked up. Not much time for much hobby or anything but again that is life. So yeah motivation or mojo..such a capricious entity.
Anyway too distracted by this film but thought i should put up some recent work
My Kasrkin/grenadier conversions, these are just Forgeworld helmets, some ebay appropriated backpacks, comms packs and greenstuff. Quite happy with how they turned out, now if only i could improve photography skills...stupid macro always makes them look rubbish. My lighting probably doesn't help. Ho hum

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