Thursday, 8 September 2011

Learning the ropes

So, still designing this thing...although i use the term lightly. The layout is currently one of the standard ones, and the picture the default for this style...though i kind of like it. As this was mainly going to be my archive of my hobby have added the relevant blogs that i've been reading in the past few months. In retrospect it seems odd that despite all these years its only recently that i've discovered the wealth of information in blogs. I guess i've finally embraced my inner nerd that i've been in denial about for so long. hmmm.
Anyway next is to figure out how to add pics and set up galleries to make this truly archival. hmmm

Ah hah, its pretty much like posting on a forum.....Oh well might as well stick my first hobby related photo in. My guard tank companies as they stand.

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