Friday, 9 September 2011

Blogroll a thumbs up from me!

If all else fails I'm kinda liking the blog roll thing. Its a useful way to keep track of what's happening on the blogs I'm reading at the mo. Generally my taste in rolls errs to the ones with useful tutorials on stuff like using an airbrush or making washes but ones with nice pics and ideas also catch my attention....I guess most people have the same criteria though. Anyway still trying to sort this design stuff out.
As for my blog title, if it looks unfinished, it is in a sense. Was originally going to add "painter" after the impatient bit. But thinking about it, that characteristic relates to a fair few other areas of my life so thought i'd just leave it add that. Gives me licence to ramble on about life and put down thoughts from self reflection and evaluation. Anyway rambly post....quick, pictures!....

Storm Trooper detachment

This actually isn't the most up to date pic as they have now been based properly, by properly i mean the bases have been painted instead of being left sand colour. This detachment will be complete once i build the second Valk and convert up a hummer style vehicle for the 5 man squad.

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