Friday, 27 July 2012

Retro fitting and other updates

What's this? two updates in a month?! something must be wrong....Not really, just at a loose end and had some photos to post. Mojo has died a bit of late but hey ho, it comes and it goes.

Anyway updates, got hold of some reinforced armour off warseer trading forums for a land raider. Now i didn't actually have a spare land raider but always felt my first one deserved a bit more protection. Luckily i always leave the option to revisit my models so any thing that isn't part of the main structure was glued down loosely so could be broken off without damage. 
Pictures show results as i started to attach it to my Ultramarine raider "Bellator" with the armour primed and preshaded.

Part painted with the rest of the armoured group

and onto some other projects, "Uruhu" sentinel and one shot who i am aiming to enter into the ammobunker monthly compo, but with afore mentioned ebb of mojo, not sure if will get it finished in time...well will see

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