Friday, 17 August 2012

August austerity

Not particularly, ebay put paid to that! But not one to overly update i guess you could apply it to my posting.
Anyway its been a strange month so far, have been wanting to do stuff but more exams and other things have taken priority, not that exam studies are going ahead smoothly. Birthday has been and gone. Another year older but still my love of the hobby doesn't seem to wane. Its just having the time for it. Inevitably when trying to make time, it always gets eaten up by something else. Professional studies, social commitments, family life and just last weekend as i was settling down to painting some tanks... a blocked drainage system in the kitchen...c'est la vie and adult hood. Alas the birthday present i wanted to get - time to play- didn't really materialise. Still not all bad. Still scouring ebay for bargains which have led to an awesome haul of a land raider and massive pile of bits including a classic wraithlord amongst other junk, all for the princely sum of six whole English pounds! admittedly postage was the killer, £12! but considering the land raider and the plethora of bits. (i do like sorting through a pile of random bits) can't complain too much
Initial rustle through to see if landraider was complete
After first sort, Pile o' bits including old Dark Eldar Helions, jump packs, guardsmen...

...and a Wraithlord!
 Now admittedy the Land raider will need a bit of work(has already begun, see below) I think it started out as a Chaos Land raider but was then orkified, Thankfully not too much damage, can disguise it as battle damage. And due to my joy of buying bits of random crap my bits box is pretty much furnished with replacement parts for the inner doors, and the assault ramp as this needed to be removed and reinstalled as had been stuck down

 As you can see in the back ground this is on top of work on my first Landraider where i've now fitted it with the reinforced armour.

All in all much fun with tanks...when you have the time.

I've also come to the conclusion that while all these wonderful blogs in my blog roll can be a great source of inspiration, they are also a great source of envy and keep fuelling my buying impulses. Its an impulse i must kerb as the pile of unfinished stuff grows. Need to focus on my stuff and make some of the ideas floating about in my head a reality again.

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