Monday, 17 September 2012

The Lynx effect...

 *random ramble alert*

"I must have it... it's soo beautiful, - no, when will you have the time to give it the love and attention it deserves? - but its so shiny.... -you've already got a massive pile of unpainted, unbuilt stuff,...." that last bit should make it clear that i am talking about hobby related stuff.... but these are the inner conflicts that i imagine all hobbyists often grapple with and one i seem to be increasingly at odds with. I touched on it briefly in my last post, but following on, i wanted to explore more into the addiction that is this hobby and ways people manage. This probably won't be a coherent ramble but i wanted to get in down so i could reconsider at a later date. Anyway this has all been prompted by my recent failure to acquire a FW Lynx on ebay. Yes ebay, the terrifying agent of the temptress "Internet" that will tease and entice you with pretty pictures and great ideas from other blogs. All while creating new simpler ways to make parting with your hard earned cash to purchase materials and models for said ideas easier, using promises of cheaper bargains to make it seem you are making a saving.... You see, these days with the rising costs of everything, the option not to pay RRP is a major draw, especially for luxury items. And having discovered the joy of online stores such as maelstrom, wayland and total wargamer, as well as afore mentioned ebay, this option has become a reality.  However, there are certain times when the desire gets too much and with "one touch" buying and its ilk, it is all to easy to throw self discipline and rationality out the window and succumb to the headrush. I almost found myself come acropper of this with the recent Lynx episode. Luckily i came to my senses before i made an order with forgeworld as realised i do have a massive backlog of stuff and i really should stop buying for the time being Yet, this hasn't dampened my enthusiasm for it ( it is a beautiful model) and i can't rule out picking it up direct at a later date...(maybe xmas or after exams) 

Picture from FW, cos its beautiful

But what is it that drives this desire? surely its better to have finished miniatures? Indeed i enjoy setting out the armies i've collected over the years to evaluate and admire with a quiet sense of pride, in that "i did that, they're my boys (and gals - re: sisters, and eldar)". So surely i should be buying only after i've painted what i've got? A noble notion, but one not easily abided by. It was only achievable back in the day, through no design of my own, as it depended on whatever i got form family via birthdays/xmases/ special occasions. Therefore i had to really prioritise purchases to those models i really wanted  But ever since i've become an adult and have some disposable income to play with, the unpainted pile has grown to silly proportions with a mixture of nostalgic purchases, - steadily acquiring models i always liked but were not high up enough on the priority list, - to all the cool new releases, as well as discovering other minature lines such as infinity, anima tactics, it's all gotten a bit much. But where is the end to this madness? the fact is i don't really know, probably when i run out of space or have more important issues to deal with. but for the time being its a semi pleasurable ponderer. 

The beginnings of a displace case.

Anyway projects wise, after recent retake, have been trying to continue with hobby progress. Taking a break from the guard as have been at them for a good while now. So have switched focus on marines of late. Mainly blood angels. I had previously classed this as a completed army, but then space hulk came out and then sanguinary guard/death co so have been bulking them out a bit. This has been going on a wihile but again the parts were acquired but never got round to it. But after the landraider haul of the previous post have decided to get this done. At present looks like this.. okay missing a devastator squad and some of the characters in the army shot, but plan to add two 10 man jumpack assault sqds, a 5 man sanguinary guard squad, some honor guard and maybe some stern guard as well as a baal predator, vindicator and razor back so much to do.

another unfinished project. Blood angels getting a revamp
Internals of the the refurb to that landraider in the last post. Came apart quite well and with a well stocked bitz box was able to replace several parts including the assault ramp and front mantlet where the heavy bolters sit. I also had spare inner doors so all in all its getting back to some real loving. The inside hadn't been painted so that was first job after all the replacement parts. This is going to be attached to the blood angels and am making it into a crusader. itching to finish it but needs a bit more love as scuffs on the outside of the tank i am aiming to make into battle damage but requires a bit of for thought.

 After a bit of a strip and clean up, a bit of a spray with the ol' airbrush, its come up quite nice. Also tried my hand at a new freehand technique for ultra symbol i learnt off tale of painters blog. Works a treat. will try to find the linky but

After the refurb

 but for now thats your updates, thanks for reading unknow reader(s).


  1. If I can make a suggestion based on my own, similar issues . . . start off by making a list of everything you have that needs doing...

    1. Thanks! but believe me i've tried... Even started using admiral Drax's painting chart to no avail. I've also made a spreadsheet to track purchases and all that i own in a bid to scare myself into stopping buying stuff...scary? yes. Arresting effect on my spending?...nope. But hopefully will rein it in and be a bit more disciplined with the painting when i get the time. Currently doing a 6 month challenge so that's having an effect on my blood angels. Will see. But thanks again for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Really appreciate it