Sunday, 28 October 2012

Angels on a deadline

So have taken on the new challenge of producing an army in 6 months, have been cracking on in earnest this month before i completely have to devote all spare time to my impending exams in November. This challenge is brought to you by the ammobunker forums and was a way to help jaded hobbist get some mojo back. It seems to have worked for me but not sure if its this impetus is due to procrastination with revision. Ho hum. Anyway the format is to complete a FOC unit a month going troop, Hq, Fast attack, Heavy support, Troop and elite. Should be pretty straight forward so am using it to re-engage with the blood angels. Hoping to revamp them at the same time. My choices for this challenge are

Troop - Jump pack assault squad
HQ - Tycho
Fast attack - 2 Attack bikes
Heavy - Vindicator or devastators
Troop - Jump pack assault sqd
Elite - Sanguinary guard

Month one is almost complete so doing quite well. Still some niggly details such as squad markings etc but pics of this months progress below. Today i managed to do their bases.
But lessons learned this month with is still hard to do, especially over a grey undercoat. but have found vallejo fire red works well over the white. Still may try and pic up some mechrite red or the replacement as i go on for detailing as normal blood red is too translucent. Also been trying out the airbrush for figures, not really working for me, still more suited to tanks for me. think i've got the pressure on way too high. but live and learn.


Same pic as left, just tidied!

Revamped classic sgt, will be a sternguard sgt now

Tank support including previous ebay bargain raider turned crusader reclamation project

Same as left but less focus on sgt
Sgt has to lead from the front...though is likely to get shot now

Final thought....Ebay is still bad...bought two FW hydra's today...bargainous but still another two tanks to the collection to work on. .i think i'm saving these for retirement...but just to give you an idea of the backlog to paint..

Grey knights - mini army as smaller than the others but still not insignificant
Eldar revisit - interest has been resurgent of late resulting in purchases that have created an army in their own right
Raven Guard - a nother mini detachment
Imperial guard - armoured company to finish, artillery company, 2 infantry more
Ultramarine armoured brigade - 2 land raiders, a predator, whirlwind, & a storm talon

Bretonnian/empire dogs of war
High Elf - full army

Anima tactics
Soda pop
Kingdom death

so yeah....enough to not be working on....erm

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