Friday, 13 July 2012

In the mood for.... an update

Actually that's a lie, hence the continued lack of regular updates...but it's not like i don't want to share, its just with only a finite amount of time, the choice is either to spend time posting or to getting stuff done. In such circumstances getting stuff painted/built wins out, unless i am that case the bed wins. I don't know how all those other bloggers out there do it, but kudos to them.

Anyway, rare occasion where i have time, motivation and uploaded pics of progress...and by my standards boy has there been progress!!

However, it has petered out of late due to afore mentioned knackerness and also recently got my exam results demotivating me. Mixed bag, passed one, failed one so a resit is on the cards which might limit hobby time again *sad face*...but still, an update is owed of what i did manage to achieve. so on to the pics

Previous post mentioned desire to focus on the tanks, and focus was indeed applied....

Voila, a pile o tanks!
King Russ completed
For those who like a backside

Russ company
plasma weaponry!

Alas the momentum did not last, but they are further along than before!

Pilot is Flt Lieut "Ace" and Flt gunnery sgt "trigger" 
Next up got more work done on the vulture i bought a while back. Markings really do make a difference and quite happy with how it is turning out. The next stage is will be finishing the weapon options ( punisher cannons or rocket pods and hunter killers to create a 40k apache) weathering is also in order but all in good time

Finally a collection of miscellaneous projects

Valhallans on the charge

Grey knight cruiser
a scale line up 

Who doesn't like titans? but whilst the forgeworld ones are beauties, can't justify getting one so a collection of the different sized walkers instead

Also started work on a new line for me, Soda pop miniature's "one shot and Fritz". What can i say? love robots and the pilot is quite cheeky, was a bit of a test in building her though as no instructions and some non intuative parts. got their in the end though. Need to finish painting now though

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