Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Festive post 2

Okay so these were less frequent than initially envisaged but alas there has also been less hobby than initially envisaged :S
Anyhoo photography skills still somewhat lacking, can't get my set up right, But have completed Alarielle and am working on the Blood angels. Also picked up a bargainous Armageddon pattern Medusa, It was however glued shut, so it has been to the breakers yard so i can paint the lovely innards. Luckily came apart relatively easily.

But Hulk terminators are reminding me why they have been put off for so long, they are character models in themselves with lots of little details so taking my time to get them right.
But in the back ground have some converted Dark vengence terminators, shamelessly copied from Poom or Marius from the ammobunker/flickr, they will beef up my assault element, even though Terminators aren't great in the game anymore they are still some of my favourite models. But for the hulk ones will try to finish this first batch then move on to the second group after i put together some more standard ones, All this in between the tanks
and other things that take my attention away. I.e the Ultramarine tanks and some more Infinity

Finally to finish up a bit of dining table battle re-enactment with most of this year's Eldar and some fart gun action :D

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