Sunday, 22 March 2015

Quarter year update

I probably should update, just days pass,... then weeks, then months.

Warp hunter progress
Anyway that is life, so best quit whining and cut to the pictures as haven't been idle hobbywise. It's has been a good distraction from the daily challenges of trying to be an adult. Anyways what do we have? Mainly Eldar, guard and Angel Giraldez's book plus some group shots.

Photo collage on the way
Metal company's new snipers

Raging Heroes Foxy Dynamite

Lovely book.
Metal Co's new Command

Base coating of more guard
Some additional hawks to round out the sqd
New sentinel

Tanith first and only

Heavy flamers
Rogue trader Solitaire

Harlequins and Fritz from sodapop

Blurry shot of "Bastion company" 1 of 3 of my main Guard companies.


  1. Very nice update - you've been busy imo. :)

    1. Thanks! yeah trying to stay focused. But life has a habit of throwing things in the way, but onwards and upwards!