Sunday, 19 April 2015

Biker kicks from phwoars....

Apologies for the rather poor tabloid-esque title, but couldn't think of a thematic title to segue into the post.  

Anyway what's the reason i wanted to shoe horn a biker reference in? Infinity, that's why. Their new releases continue to amaze to the extent i can't help but need to have them. This especially seems true of their bike based units --->
I now have picked up Yojimbo, the bootleg version of Penthesilia (having already painted the original) and their latest release the Nazarova Twins. I absolutely could not resist with these girls, I was going to pick up their compatriots the Kum enforcers at some point as those too are fabulous models, but these jumped the queue. The only issue now is doing all these figures justice... they are just so intricate and the amazing paint job by Angel Giraldez on them just makes me feel so unworthy... but try i will at some point, probably using tips from his book. 

But Infinity do seem to have taken over from GW with the wow factor for me. This seems to be an ongoing trend. While undoubtedly the quality and tech is obviously there being the big player in the industry, GW new releases are doing it for me less and less as more and more the sculpts and designs are leaving me cold. I'm not sure why this is but i have a sneaking suspicion they have changed the design team... Where does Jes Goodwin feature nower days? who does do the designing? I can't seem to find names of who sculpted what these days, Is it because it is all CAD designed now? Are the new minis now the work of trainees to meet the demand of the intense release schedule? All in all while there are some nice ideas, final execution just is missing for me meaning i am not in a rush to pick up any of the new stuff like i used to. The last model that did get me going was the Imperial knight, but i put that to it being a large kit so more QA has been put into it. But that was a while ago now and none of the new stuff is making me want it right now. Take the new Eldar, haven't even picked up the harlequins yet, while some of them look nice, none scream get me now... Now looking at the new craftworld releases, this seems to reinforce the feeling. While they have been based on Jes's designs, they seem to lack his finishing touches. More so on the Farseer model, but the canopy seems a little short and the riders a bit lacking in dynamism. I can't put my finger on it but compared to the dark eldar reavers they are missing something.

But where they have fallen away, my attention is more and more drawn by Corvus belli's work. a combination of excellent studio painting and quality minis, priority is now going to them for my hobby budget. 

Anyway enough of this semi monologuing on my views of the state of miniatures. back to the updates. Continuing on from the biker theme, another reason why am not rushing out to get the new kits.... i still have a bunch of the old ones! this will complete my ulthwe windrider host as well. Infact many of the bundles they have put together now i already have so it does look like minimal renewal for me in this respect.

Also have bee working on old skool rogue trader harlequins, guess who discovered pink paint ... So now one of the troupes have electric pink hair. In addition, Crimson hunter is coming to fruition after much debating on the final colour scheme as wanted it to fit in while still reflecting its aspect colours.

Old is the new new for me a the moment and as you can see have also been revisiting an old epic knight errant, do love these figs, won't be for gameplay but i like these occasional one off pieces to mix it up.

Finally a couple of projects also nearing completion. One for One mini a month for Ammobunker, A commissar which i have now found out is from a company called brother vinni miniatures i picked up off ebay. nice sculpt. And FW Ultramarine Venerable dread also from ebay which is having finishing details such as the banner being worked on to bring it to completion. All in all, still productive despite exam season fast approaching!

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