Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Summertime, air is sweet, lets move those update beats..

So, erm, has been a while... dare i make excuses? Well, life is one great big excuse! Can't complain though, big changes afoot and has been an exciting couple of months resulting in happiness (lots of various bits to list!), sadness, (main thing being i lost my wedding ring :S ), but generally the good has out weighed the bad. One particular good bit of good news is i have finally completed all my professional exams! Huzzah, that means more time to do fun stuff that i actually want to do,to use my annual leave as actual leave and not study leave!! Has been a long slog but hopefully will be worth it all. So hopefully that gives me more incentive to write up my hobbying exploits, it being my main vice in life.
Tanks tanks and not a drop to blow the heck out of anything..
So what have i been upto in the meantime? well, continuing to buy too much with the justification that i am saving for retirement... :P Hopefully by then my robot body and eyes will allow me to continue to paint and appreciate fine sculpts. But it i do need to reign it in a bit.. Case in point.. too many tanks...?

Quite possibly, considering this is just my guard armour,...  i would say this is down to a slight case of OCD and that i require order. Cos i tend to collect symmetrically so they form up nicely... Hence they are in squadrons.

Anyway sometimes i sit back and think what is this all for? and in times like these its just to array them out or occasionally have a mock battle. Here is my Blood angel armour vs some of my Eldar armour including recently added Scorpion from the wonder and curse of ebay...

One day this will take place on a proper table with proper terrain, but for now, the floor must do.

Anyhoo now to actual progress updates, work continues on various projects from one mini  month entries (OMAN), to stuff that takes my fancy or that has been hanging about a while. I was going to give the Eldar  rest a bit, but does not seem to be happening so for now work continues on Fire Dragons, Crimson hunter, Phoenix, rangers, and Old school guardians with a smattering of old jetbikes, seers and exarchs... not all featured here Just dragons have pics at the mo, but they are in train.

Otherwise OMAN entries include, Imperial preacher, White Dwarf in spaaaaaace, and this month Malifaux Oiran, Quite happy with the effect on her err.. dress/sash. The main body of the dress needs some work though as not entirely happy with it as could be neater. But Brush definitely helps if it is decent, as does paint.Trying to work with paint without mixing as much now to see what effect that has... Its feels like cheating as i grew up with only a 10 colours max to mix to make other colours from.. But does result in a slightly smoother finish. Also testing other companies. Already moved to Vallejo for airbrush work, but starting to utilise their other range, but also branching out to P3 and Reaper. Will see what i can achieve with them.

 Finally some misc, Picked up the assassins sans box from ebay, They came built but have not seen paint yet. Nice dynamic sculpts, not that the old ones were bad, the old ones have their charm and are still some of my favourites.

 Finally some base work for the larger models. Here you see the base for one of my Valkyries. Reasonbly happy with the result utilising all sorts of waste models and crud on my desk to form something half decent. needs more weathering and the Forge world resin chunk needs a bit of work to ake it look more like a concrete something or other.. But those offcuts do come in use!

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