Monday, 21 September 2015

Kingdom come

Gift Twilight knight
Some additional plastic pin ups
Hopefully you have come to the conclusion that you shouldn't expect to much of my offerings. They are few and far between. But hopefully when i do post they are worthwhile.
Anyhoo a quicky post as always, but just to commemorate the delivery of a long awaited kickstarter 2 yrs in the making. Kingdom Death Monster has begun to ship. I haven't been as fussed as some of the rest of the internet with the delay. Patience is a virtue and with all the work that has gone into it not surprised it took so long.
Previous resin pick ups.
Candy and Cola

Grateful that Mr Poots took the time as the initial offerings are awesome and well worth the wait. Kinda regret not splashing out on some of the resin versions now. Not that the plastic offerings are anything to be sniffed at but just to go with some of my previous purchases. Anyhow, like with those now its a case of doing justice to such lovely figs. I've only taken the plunge with the 54mm Pin up preacher so far. Maybe will hold off. In the build up though have been practicing skin tones with other figs and trying out new paints. Trying Reaper triad system on an Anima tactics fig "Bella" has come out quite nicely. So definitely something to play around with more. Also been working on Infinity amongst other things so onward and upward. To top off an amazing weekend for more than just these reasons, the other kickstarter i backed for Raging heroes should also complete shortly with my final wave due for pick up. Can't wait, and with their second kickstarter (also backed) looking mighty impressive need to reign in the urge to splurge, especially with my only little mini on its way.... Exciting times!
Infinity Atalanta and spot bot

Bella WIP

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