Sunday, 25 October 2015

Thy will be done...

In an updating mood so err yeah, its a cut and paste jobby but better than nothing eh? Some original content and pics.

So hot on the heels of last update's on the first wave of Kingdom Death arriving, the final wave of my Raging heroes toughest girls of the galaxy Kickstarter appeared on our shores to be picked up, which i duly did!

Included this wave, General Ilsa Wolfenstein, Svetlana, the Light of Freedom, Commander Elektra Eisenstein, Arushka, Yaga Soul-Weaver and the Iron empire jet girls. Thus concludes about 2yrs on this Kickstarter. The sculpts on these have been brilliant and casting generally quite clean. Lovely details and now looking forward to see what their 2nd Kickstarter delivers.

But to back the main event only because it's been so long coming...starting back in 2012 in fact. Been avidly watching the updates, the development, the delays, but it finally came! Kingdom Death - Monster and boy was it a monster, 22lbs apparently!

This thing is huge, Russ for size
Anyway, i know the pin up range isn't to everyone's taste but this core game moves away from that and is much more to the billing of Boutique nightmare horror. The minis are beautiful and highly detailed and as such am as terrified at painting these as reading through the rulebook.

The extra survivor box with extra minis

No progress yet on any of its contents. Will be testing stuff on the Twilight Knight and white speakers since they are doubles.

Onto other painting though. Seen stuff of Dreadtober, not actually doing it formally, but do have plenty of Dreads to paint so decided to get Mr Furioso done. 

Here he is with Space hulk minis which have also been getting some attention to bolster the Blood Angels 1st co. Its only been 6 yrs...

He's the first of a few have got on the go including more work on the Tyranid hunter dread, a standard dread and a FW ironclad and an old metal Bjorn.

Also as October has been known as Orktober so an Ork Nob for Orktober. Though is a cheat as he is an Orc from oldenhammer. Black Orc champion i think, but he will be a Nob to some 2nd edition starter set Ork

Also One shot gets her cipher Fritz from Soda pop mini's.
Only a little fig, but cut and been sitting around for a while

So next on the bench are Ultramarines, (dreads and tactical sqd) hopefully finished Angel tanks, more Blood angel termies, hulk and others. And progress shots of Revenant, Thantar, and Imperial knight. 2 weeks of at xmas hopefully will help the cause. Fingers crossed though will try to fit in another update before then.

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