Sunday, 14 December 2014

Early Festive offerings

Another hiatus of sorts owing to life events and what nots. But with the festive season, hopefully means will have more time to dedicate to my hobby enjoyment! Anyway not many words to describe process but have been trying to finish pieces that have been started and left hanging. o that be mainly infinity and raging heroes figs.

For infinity finally getting round to Penthesilea, love the fig and wanted to do her justice. Have gone with the original colour scheme being not very creative and just liking that look. Need to work on the blending. Also Ariadna force grows and and hoping to finish up the merovian elements before i move on to tackle Operation ice storm's minis and the stuff have picked up along the way this year, not least a few tags and the dire foes sets. At the end of all this imagine i will hav three infinity factions. Ariadna, PanO and Nomads, with maybe some Aleph since have Penthesilea but will see. Also go some of the bootleg stuff to sort so that will keep me busy

Also as the year draws to a close so too will the focus on the Eldar of Ulthwe, they have ahad a good few additions this year. There is still a bit to do with them but will see. Will do an army shot at some point. But for now am finishing up support elements and so will have 3 night spinners as the web based attack of ulthwe who will be summarised by Warp, webs and blades in their method of dealing with the enemy.

So until the next update, Have a great festive season!


  1. Motorcycle chica looks well good sir.

    Nice to see you posting again.

    1. Cheers! ;) yeah should be posting more over xmas, hopefully get around to do a review of the year and stuff.