Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Festive Hobby day update 1

With great freedom comes great responsibility, alas i have none and have too many projects on the go. Always something new to start and always something old to finish. With the recent release of the new blood Angels, this has reignited a little spark to get some more of them finished. Not that i am particularly enamored by any of the new releases, but has got me wanting to get back to work on them by finishing their tanks and first company, namely the space hulk models that have been languishing unfinished since 2009... jeez time flies.... but seeing as the new terminators are based on these models, its kinda like painting new stuff. But yeah had a mini rant the other day about the general quality of the new releases from GW. More and more am getting less excited by what is being produced. They seem to be mostly rehashes of stuff out already i.e all the new space marine stuff, wolves, angels etc that aren't done particularly nicely. Now that's generalising a bit as fantasy have had some nice releases with that wow factor namely Nagash, but for smaller less expensive figs, just haven't been feeling it. Does make me worry about the future for them. But what has happened to the design team. Are they all made up of trainees now? What has happened to Jes Goodwin...Well it matters not, have built up a massive backlog now for retirement (lol) or whenever there is time and other companies such as Corvus Belli are drawing me more and more. Still is sad to see.

Anyhoo another mini rant over, back to the hobby programming. Where was i? ah yes Blood angels, i also started the above fella as a potential subject for one mini a month on Ammobunker, the lord executioner was one of the more impressive minis from the captains release and picked him up when they came out but never got round to him. But now he has taken the first steps to become a blood angel i am faced with the dilemma that the stock head just doesn't seem to fit the aesthetic.. however, choices are limited and at the moment the below two are alternatives to the original (left photo). The middle one looks pretty boy-ish but have used that head on the honour guard before so not sure. The one on the right just looks a bit big. so decisions decisions... for the record don't like any of the ones supplied with the Blood angel kits. Hair doesn't fit and they are too big...

But moving on, you may have noticed some blue in the tank pic... Well if you did it can only mean one thing... yes the Ultramarine's look like they too will be getting a bit of time in the sun as i look to beef up their tank pool. This has been spurred on from my recent purchase of a couple of used rhino chassis from my old pal ebay for a not too unreasonable £20, but what caught my eye was that they came with FW doors.How could i resist?! And having also in the stash a trio of razor turrets what more incentive do i need? Downside is they are missing rear ramps but am sure can rustle some up. This is especially the case as i plan to build and paint up a ride for Chronus's and have been collecting the parts for this for a while. It will be a super FW pimped up Predator with Ultramarine plates, mk4 predator upgrades, extra armour and the works. Should keep him happy, until i get to work on a sicarian. But 2015 is shaping up to be a case of  back to the Imperium.

Finally to finish up the update, something old and something new. As mentioned before for the one mini a month, in the end decided to do something different and submit a fantasy figure. With what has been happening to the elves recently thought it was time to paint up Alarielle as a potential kickstarter to High elf reinforcements.. well actually a new army but will see. But while working on her also thought it is also high time to finish the Kingdom of death pinup preacher. Spent the majority of my day yesterday on these two and reasonably happy with the results. For Alarielle, while i love the studio colour scheme, tried to be a bit different and went with an off white cream and wood theme. Came out pretty well, just needs some final touches. For the preacher, stuck with artwork colours. Just needs some highlighting on the erm... clothing.. but she has eyes and stockings are almost there, few details hear and there, but flesh wise am pleased with the learning, obviously more practice is needed but getting there

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