Friday, 26 September 2014

Intsy winsy spiders

Eldar below
Spidey exarch WIP

 I've used up all my creative writing juices entering Jayden's compo on his blog The Imperial patrol, but just to back up that reply i thought i'd update what i was rambling on about,shots of the Ulthwe strike force and the spiders. To be fair i probably don't need more spiders, though they would make the force symmetrical. But without further a do to the pictures!!

Old spideys and buds
New spidey's and buds
New spideys in situ with the host

Wraith scythes
New  ebay reclaimed Avengers
My Original Ulthwe host though has had work done to it over 20 yrs


  1. You really have given that Exarch new life over the standard pose! I like it a lot!

    I can only imagine what 21 Warp Spiders on the battle field could do. What a sight haha.

    1. Cheers Dude! One of the few positives of finecast, not that it isn't achievable in metal, just a lot easier! Anyhoo am happy with it, was actually going for the pose in the pic in your post, (had seen it before so not divination! :P ) But yeah spiders need to be leaping!

    2. Yea I thought they looked similar, but didnt say anything. His pose alone makes the whole squad look mobile!

  2. Lets face it, lovely Jes Goodwin sculpts that they are, they need an update to make them a bit more dynamic. But glad it has that effect, tis the aim ;) Thanks dude

    1. No problem mate. You got talent though. Keep it up eh.