Sunday, 7 September 2014

Progress update - No fancy titles here.

Spider exarc
Been a while again but have only been idle in the blogging sense.  For some reason have been feeling particularly productive of late. Probably exam retakes... a good way to relax. Though hasten to add I did do my revision. Anyway a variety of projects still underway. Ulthwe strike force is nearing where i want it to get to and nice to hear there maybe an upcoming supplement for them. Will have an army shot soon. But Jetbike contingent refurb has been done. Adding another 3 man unit and then the warlocks and they will be done. Also adding aspect warriors. For Ulthwe will only be Spiders, reapers & Dragons that will be craftworld specific.
Speaking of spiders am revamping my 20yr old ones and am adding a second squad. Say what you will about finecast but it does make converting easier. Picked up an exarch from ebay for a reasonable price, bit of cutting here and there, greenstuff and voila, slightly more dynamic pose.
The scheme itself will be a darker variation to fit in with the guardians though retain aspect colours.

After these will be working on walkers and finishing up the wraith contingent. Had thought i was done with the wraiths but have decided to add another unit of D-Scythers. Mainly for symmetry.... erm yeah i'm neurotic that way. You'll see what i mean when i get the army shots up.

Then it will be moving on to the next project. I am feeling for a return to the guard. Have still been working on them in the background. Maybe an inquisition focussed project though may also be knight related once i get one that is. In the meanwhile picked up an avenger for a decent price as came with some elysians!

Lacks canopies though think can knock some up with some plasticard. More Navy support for the imperials though.

But finally to other projects.

Ultramarines will also be getting their reinforcements worked on. At the moment it's a Ven dread, not quite a rifleman but lascannons are cool :D

Then more work on other non GW stuff. Pinup preacher is getting there. This isn't the latest photo but been testing out flesh techniques. Still not as smooth as i like but looks decent. Painted up the one of Raging heroes girls as well. Tarja. Very nice fig, May use her as an astropath or Primaris proxy. Nurse Berndette is next.

Also preordered Infinity's icestorm set. Has been a delay in delivery but hopefully get that soon. But to be honest there is other infinity stuff i haven't painted up yet so that might be a while. They just keep coming out with gorgeous stuff. I can keep buying it but can't keep up with painting it and not to the beautiful standards of Angel Giraldez. Will definitely be getting his book when it comes out. Think miniature wise, the bar has been raised and am finding lately Infinity stuff is more appealing than the latest GW stuff. Corvus belli's sculpts and Angel's painting is winning combo.

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