Thursday, 31 July 2014

Raging Heroes Kickstarter delivers!

Just a quick post, life has inevitably caught up so any spare time is devoted to painting rather than updating unforunately

But anyway had a nice surprise waiting in the inbox to say wave 1 of the Raging heroes toughest girls in the galaxy kickstarter rewards had been shipped and would be ready for pick up. Awesome! just in time for a special date and a free weekend of hopefully me time.

So today wandered down to Dark sphere to pick up me goodies. Now these have been  in the offing for a while and are only 1 of two mini related kickstarters i've pledged against. Since it has been a while i was hoping i wouldn't be disappointed by poor quality, however i need not have worried and was glad to see the wait was worthwhile. The guys and gals at raging heroes have done an excellent job and couldn't be more pleased. Excellent sculpts true to the art, and excellent casts as per usual from their range. Can't wait for the next waves, a little regret i didn't pledge more but it's fine :D

So in today's wave, One shot blondie, Nurse bernadette and Tarja the soul weaver (might use her as a primaris or astropath) Came well packed with custom seals. Will get better pictures if i start on them this weekend

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  1. Can't wait to see more. Kicking myself in the arse to this very day that I didn't pledge on that KS.

    The Lulus were soooooo cute! ^_^