Friday, 7 March 2014

Craftsman or collector?

Erm.... this post has been sitting in m drafts for a couple of weeks now....trying to crystalise my thoughts into something coherent, actually thats the case with most of my posts. Have an idea but sitting down and translating it to the written word laced with pictures usually proves to be the stumbling block. However, this post was somewhat helped by this post. which sums up one facet of what i had been contemplating lately i.e one of the issues i have with the hobby is that i flit around too much, tempted by the next thing, idea in my head leading me to never actually finishing anything (hence title of blog, tales of the impatient. 

Latest projects on the go
But then this brought me onto thinking about what am i trying to achieve with my hobby whilst evaluating my collection.  20 odd years ago.. ( has been that long!!) my collection began with what i liked the look of. Of course this was based on the pictures of perfectly painted up minis on the boxes and in White Dwarf, but there was a bit of a gulf from that and what i was able to recreate (well my sister at the time of my first minis!) 20 years on this is still very much true. However now with increased buying power from employment and being a pseudo adult, less time in general for anything and more stuff than ever to paint, i find my skills plateauing... but for what reason? and is that what i want? Of course not, i want to paint like the best of them, but with that takes, time, practice and to a certain extent a more extensive set up, some of which i feel less inclined to invest in as channels funds away from more precious precious minis... But is that wise, and again is that really what i want?

pushing the boundaries,
From behind as well...

 Maybe its the Chinese in me that i have a thing for massed uniformity but looking at golden demon and entries on the various forums esp Platoon Britannica, i find my self wondering if i should slow down, spend more time on single minis and techniques to get beyond the plateau. But then what about the massed ranks of armies that look so cool, especially when there is symmetry involved?!?! what about having all the options for a game i rarely play? what about trying to adhere to fluff from an imaginary world when building a force? Yer see, here in lies my dilemma, i think i am slightly hobby OCD and have far too many conflicting neuroses to focus when it comes to the hobby. So the short of it i want to be both...alas i will probably end up either...actually i will have a large collection it will just look rubbish which will fuel my buying habits to buy more stuff thinking one day i will have time to recreate what has been driving me in this hobby for all these years... GW are cunning aren't they....My only hope is if i can dig some time out somewhere as that will be the only time i will be able to dedicate improving. otherwise i will be stuck adding to the collection. as for painting services. Whilst they can "paint my world" as BTP put it,i think that takes some of the fun out of it... that and they take further funds away from more mini another dead end
As it is, at the moment my aim will be to improve the general level & speed of painting so i can create a good looking force of decent standard. learning to master the airbrush is definitely key to this. Will then move on to seeing if i can create a great looking one....But interlaced will be side projects of single minis to try and push the boundaries a little.... wow that almost sounds like a plan...

Suncannon & Scattershield
Anyway in other news, with the arrival of the Imperial knight, thought i should really finish off Wraithknight before i even consider a purchase... (since i didn't decide to stop buyin cool stuff :P) Seeing as he has been sitting around for a bit its only fair. It's all the options that have been delaying progress, well that and all the little details i want to add. Still not really sure how i keep them swapable as don't think even magnets will be strong enough and pinning isn't feasible as its ball and socket joints... anyway blutack for now. N.B there is some minor conversion on the arms, have gone for underslung guns rather than on the back of the forearm mounting. Again prefer the look, but pics of all the options and a "studio" pic with the family

Must say sword and shield combo looks pretty dapper...

and think this is one of my best thought out posts...! hmmm, i must be tired... nighty night!

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