Friday, 28 March 2014

Bitz bonaza

Quick one, there is nothing quite like opening up an ebay box of bitz that you speculated on might have some good stuff and find you are vindicated. Then there is the joy of sorting through a big pile of stuff to see what interesting bits there are. Anyway recent couple of ebay wins on job lots have come up trumps,

 Previous one was an eldar lot which turned out very nicely,

Then today a nice solid looking box turned up, ready to be opened and enjoyed after work. Initial sifting turned out some quite coolly converted stuff, notable mentions going to an interesting take on what i believe are tau stealth suits, and converted inquisitor scale brother artemis. Other stuff included a warhammer giant, 3 converted minotaurs, a load of blood letters, , beastmen, a black dragon body, and a load of skaven, necron, grey knight, chaos, tau, ork & imperial bits. Wooot! all this joy this time for the princely sum of 20 squid!

What a nice way to end the working week

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