Sunday, 16 March 2014


Finished piece...
Quick post just showing finishing touches to vulture gunship. Had been putting this off as couldn't decide whats should grace the nose of this beast. But having looked at a few other examples, finally plumped on an image had long admired that is found in starcraft and more specifically on Tychus's armour. After finding some better images for reference, set about adding her to the vulture and then adding a suitable name.Settling on gunbaby in the end for the heavily armed gunship. Still undecided to on whether to add pilot names to the cockpit but obvious choices are findlay and Raynor, but not knowing enough about ranks, not sure what rank a pilot should be? are they flight lieutenants? captains? Also have to give her a gun. But what gun to add. What is a quintessential 40K gun that will not look out of place in her left hand?

 Anyway quite happy with the results and will be adding more nose art to other Imperial aircraft in the future. But to finish off Gun baby with some jetbikes i have also been working on.


  1. Hmmm your vulture kinda puts mine to shame!

    I might give some plane art a try after it can hopefully score some kills.

  2. The nose are is absolutely stunning.

  3. cheers folks, aiming to finish up 4 craft in the end with each representing a suit from a pack of cards., still two valks to build though!