Monday, 17 February 2014

Monthly meanderings

Not been the greatest month since last post, life wise that is. I know blogs are supposed to be an opportunity to put it all out there seems a bit weird. So for now i'll stick to what i've been doing and  hobbywise still going strong. Nothing like impending exams to help the mojo flow. So in the mix are Anima tactics, Infinity, Forgeworld and good ol' regular GW.. Sooo let the photos flow. Still haven't got the hang of this formatting on blogger so it will just have to be a mishmash of photos. But from Infinity you will see "Penthesilea", i.e lady on a bike. Couldn't resist any longer and going on my current strategy of one in one out, i.e once have finished something can start something new, i allowed myself to start her, having just done a load of Ulthwe black guardians and also finished "one shot", shown here on the left. Now although she is a fantastic model, those bits ain't half delicate and when cleaning up (of which is minimal) you have to be careful not to remove any detail by accident. Anyway once built have started painting her using Angel Giraldez's step by step guide on facebook as reference. Boy does he make it look easy but i can ain't. Still a learning process, may actually have to break pen a new airbrush to try some finer techniques. Anyhoo along with the lovely lady, also recently picked up a long coverted Macharius from FW off the charming chap that runs Badass studios.. Have been wanting one for ages but RRP is a bit off putting. Now while still not that cheap and missing a few bits and bobs, its essentially what i have been looking for with the bonus i didn't have to put it together. I say bonus, as had hear it was fiddly, usually i am against such things as i think thats the whole point of the hobby side, making everything for yourself, but when it comes to such a big project, its nice not to worry you'll mess it up. There was a choice of the vanquisher or the vulcan and while had considered the vulcan (came complete as well) ultimately think the vanquisher looks more boss like so had to go with aesthetics. Am happy i did. She is now all primed up ready to go. just need to sort some hatches and crew for her. And you can see below her sitting happily with my Wraithknight who is getting more love in a bid to finish before the new imperial knights start appearing and before i get tempted to bu one of those...
Finallly to finish off the photo descriptions are PIP of wraithblades to finish off wraith figs and Barraroth who is basically done with his repaint. Will get him in the photo studio at some point but happy how he has turned out.

All in all, not bad for me, not bad at all...onward and upward though like a soaring hawk..... :P


  1. Looking good man.. I just picked up that Chick on Bike too.. It's an awesome looking model. Barra came out looking very nice!

  2. Thanks! but agreed, think she is my favourite model from the range at the moment but they keep coming out with some nice stuff.

  3. Thanks! but agreed, think she is my favourite model from the range at the moment but they keep coming out with some nice stuff.