Saturday, 18 January 2014

2014 Mid January update

Mid January, a few weeks since last update. Probably too late for wishing you all a happy new year, but hope it was a good one. CNY coming up so could wish you all an early one for that, but maybe will have another update around that time. Anyhow, mine was going alright but recent personal news has dampened that somewhat. But dealing with it as we all do.
Otherwise getting a routine going so feels good mojo wise. I hope to finish some things again this year like the Blood Angels of last year. So much so have put made a plan, done an audit of what i have in the plastic pile and broken it down into manageable sub projects... Of course that's all just procrastinating. I'll just end up doing stuff as and when i feel like it :D but aim is to try and not start anything new until i finish the another it is have started quite a few things...

So on the hobby desk as of late

Drop pod has been languishing around for a while, so was time for more paint.

Central control panel & Wraith seer giving it a good stomp

Recently picked up more jetbikes for a decentish price. I.e less than rrp. These were in better shape (no paint and well built) than the last ebay rescues but lacking in shuricannons. As i have an abundance of these from walkers and wraithlord kits, why not retrofit these onto some standard bikes?.... The bike fleet as it stands on the left

Removal of shuricats firstly ( please note this photo is using one off the less new ones)
Bit of cutting, pinning, an ammo canister from the hvy weapon kits et voila!

Also Barroth is getting a new lick of paint, not sure on the colours thought. Was thinking sky themed colours and also herald of victory hence the lighter palate...but seems a bit too bright

Finally some more work on the Big guy before i even think of building the revenant. Didn't end up altering the pose that much, required too much cutting of an expensive model so removed some peggage, straightened out his leg a bit and ended up him mimicking the wraithseer... except he has nothing to step on at the mo.....maybe some cork will be required. Also the matter of deciding whether to bother magnetising...while it does off the options, i don't play (yet) so not sure... things were so much simpler in the olden days :D

Pictures pending on work on Ulthwe guardians and been finishing the shadow spectres..... been putting those off due to the stupid robes... while nice they are a pain as not always obvious where to stick them to and they do break off easily. Otherwise all go go go! ;) btw have decided Ulthwe is going to be my foot slogging eldar, while Mymearan offshoot is the fast moving mobilised hard hitting force...

But plans for after the eldar....guard seem to be fact another sentinel recently stepped off the production line.... but to sign off a couple of non GW models have been working on. These will appear in a later post where will showcase my ladies of the miniature world. but The left one is from Infinity Ariadna range by Corvus Belli and the Right is Kujaku Hime of the Anima Tactics game from Cipher studios.

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