Thursday, 26 December 2013

Seasons Greetings

Seasons greetings! Hope everyone had a great day with friends and family. This year seems to have flown by and Christmas came around all to quickly! Feeling for doing a review of the year style post but see how it goes.

Anyhoo yesterday was a fine day for hobbying.....No mini's in the haul as basically i get me own stuff anyway and the pile is big enough! But got some nice tools and such.

But as is a special day thought i'd tackle bigger projects yesterday. So was a hobby day Heavy Eldar vehicle style.... Mainly worked on the Lynx and broke out the wraithknight as a tester for this.....

... i only gone and done it.........a Revenant...... again ebay has proved my bane....and was just a cheeky bid to see what it would go for.. alas.....twas the winning bid. Was a bargain though as came pre prepped. Missing the head i would have preferred but i knew what i was getting..... But i really think i have a problem ..... oh wells... hopefully should be slowing down this year on the purchases :D

But this is the Sonic lances version as prefer the look. Now searching for poses for this beast but firstly need a base. Am thinking of a landing pose but heavy landing so thudding into something, make it a bit of a diorama.. something like this on Torg's blog cos this is an awesome version...Not sure i will be ale to replicate and will probably be a while before i start him.

Anyway back to the Wraithknight - Had a spare falcon crewman and reading the fluff thought i'd pop in the Emo steersman and he actually fits there without affecting the head fitting. Added a bit of wiring to his head to signify the psychic links. Then will be going for the bone scheme as with all my other wraith constructs.

Also need to decide on the base, again will have to be built up a bit.

As you can see have been working on this as sub assemblies again. Think this does slow down the building process as tend to pre-paint each bit but a bit helps reach those little details that are out of reach once built. But will work on the legs as don't like the stock pose and the little tabs that come pre-molded look to be purposely removable to allow reposing.

Weapon wise will see how to go about magnetising. But see how it goes, in some senses it was simpler in the old days when there wasn't so much choice... so many options now. But can't really complain as helps make everything a bit more unique

Anyhow to other works, also has been working on the Crimson hunter. A bit of an accident with masking but will be a red white and black scheme on the hunter. Again base needs to be worked upon. but will try and get the scheme right first.

Also work progresses on the Mymearan contingent with some ebay rescue Jetbikes. Aiming for a faded blue grey on the canopies and that's generally the theme i'm going for on all the vehicles, while all the infantry will be white.

Vehicles wise the Warp hunter was the trial scheme and worked on the Lynx yesterday. Coming together now and quicker than i though. Had been putting it off as to date it had been my most expensive miniature purchase. Pictures not really illustrating what have been doing with the divergence scheme though as a bit washed out. The pic of the Lynx doesn't really show off the blue-ish tinge.

But army as is below consisting of:

Shadow spectres
Wasp walkers
Warp hunter

To come:

wave serpents
Dire avengers

Speaking of which to the other ulthwe work include the ebay rscue Wave serpents with another new addition from from afore mentioned auction site. Turret being worked on as didn't like the FW turret it came with, but need to knock up a turret base from something. But anyhoo busy busy. No pics of other dire avengers that had been completed for the strike force but will eventually once get the characters done too.

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