Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The blog that time forgot

Another post and no excuse for no show, life happens and well... time is finite. A precious commodity that i've dedicated to painting & modelling me figs instead... that's not strictly true, have recently been deriving much enjoyment from blue table painting's bat reps on Youtube, in between starting studies again that is...
woo futures markets and hedging... thrilling... But has made me think about trying a game down either at the local store or dark sphere near work sometime... but will see.

Anyway in hobby life, have been flitting in between projects again while still buying way too much. Eldar still remain very much the focus, but having two flavours on the go is probably not a good idea. Add in Tale of painters Garfy's ultramarines being featured in white dwarf, got a bit of a hankering to getting around to finishing the terminator element of my own first company. What a palavar...and finally with some sad looking sanguinary guard languishing on the workshop table, they needed some love too... So all in all lots going on but no finished products.... nuts. However, thought i'd post up some quick shots of what progress has been made so here goes.

On the right is sang guard sqd leader. Wanted to try something different with his helmet and liking the way Iron man's mask opens up, i went for that kind of look, but with the deathmask as the face plate. Think his flesh face needs to be recessed a bit more but quite happy with it and coupled with the reposed legs(don't like the stock poses) should be quite dynamic when finished

Below are pic of me Eldar. In there you still have the unfinished spectres, with Irilyth and the farseer. A Wasp walker in progress, some dire avengers. A second wasp will be added shortly

From the other flavour you have my completed wraithlord from a few years back and new wraithblades. They are being joined by a newly acquired Wraithseer. Now was originally going to try and achieve a two handed pose with his spear but its proing fiddlly and liking the spear to the back hand outstretched look, may need to knock up some sort of psychic manifestation.

But there you have it, the photos that i have managed to get. What hasn't been captured is work on FW avatar, a crimson hunter and a load of black guardians. So haven't been completely been idle!

Till the next post.

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