Sunday, 1 September 2013

Autumnal Liberty

So, free from another stint of exam prep.... I really wish i passed these first time, alas my old brain is not as it was...actually that's a lie, it's never been that good with exams, always missing by a few marks..sigh, but a few weeks til results so no need to think about that now. In addition taking a hiatus from them...well giving myself more time for the next lot as they have to be taken in one go and 3 new subjects is a bit heavy going on top of work.

Lynx undercoated & base shaded!
Anyhoo that should mean more time to do stuff i enjoy (yey!). Having said that have recently been contemplating when is it deemed to much? My burgeoning unfinished pile continues to grow, fueled by the ever present temptations of ebay and a life free from other vices and social obligations owing to afore mentioned studies. This has allowed "shiny new things" syndrome and a lack of self discipline to run riot as i see things i like the idea and look of but having then bought them realise i don't actually have the time do much with them. This coupled with my titular impatience leaves a stream of unfinished projects which do nothing to sate the need for more as the unfinishedness disappoints somewhat but doesn't spur me enough to finish them as i move on to something else... an endless vicious cycle. However, looking at recent buys, have just realised how much i've got so is it enough....? the answer is yes but then if i enjoy it then whats the harm? Hmmm i haven't decided yet but i do need to slow down. But ebay bargains are still my bane. Need to keep the watch list down.

Spray day of recent ebay rescue... ahem
Anyway will continue to redouble efforts to finish things. So this post is dedicated to progress! But sitting down to hobby, you then realise just how much time is needed to be dedicated to building the darn things in the first place and all the prep work involved, so have been alternating between "build" and "paint" days to help this along. But at the moment focus is still on the Eldar. Mymeara is currently gaining a dominance to what i am trying to complete thanks to the spectres. But am working on several units of guardians, jet bikes, a crimson hunter and some characters. Should keep me busy. Mymeara will still be a variant of the FW scheme, Back story for my force that i'm going with is they are a remnant force of Irilyth the phoenix lord when he took a load of the Mymearans to destroy some unknown future threat. Therefore it's a small force. Minimal guardians and everything fast moving/mounted but hard hitting. Should consist of :
Spirit seer in pieces, converted the
spearas not fond of the original

1 Irilyth

1 spirit seer
1 Warlock
10 shadow spectres
5 wraith blades
10 guardians
10 Dire avengers
2 wave serpents
2 falcons
1 warp hunter
1 Lynx
1 Crimson Hunter
5 Hawks
3 Jetbikes

With some paint in progress

Please note that i don't really game so this list may not be legal or that competitive but its of models i like and think will fit in to the theme of fast moving force. Anyhoo below are pics of painting progress. Spectres still taking lots of time to complete. Lots of details and unsmoothness i'm trying to sort out!

Irilyth with his spectre body guard

Illic sans top knot PiP

Just to finish up here are some avengers. They were actually another ebay rescue and realised they were from a warseer member Aryllon. 2 of them were already done and as they were painted quite nice seemed a shame to strip them so painted up the remaining 3 including the exarch in the same manner (albeit changer the head on the exarch). Can you spot which ones are mine (apart from the exarch as have said that's mine already)

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