Sunday, 4 August 2013

30 gone flirty...

A little break from the norm, but still hobby related. So today i reached a new milestone... the big fat 30. Old in body but still young at heart! Otherwise don't feel much different but have been a bit contemplative. Nevertheless one thing is for certain still love me toys! Has been a fun weekend with bbq yesterday at a friends celebration, but today the focus has been very much on me! nice! Haul wise as always have been spoilt by friends and family, some nice stuff. Hobby related items include Wraithfighter and knight, but also a new photo studio so hopefully better photos incoming! Still got to work out camera settings to suit but exciting times as have been looking at ways to improve things. 
However, the most surprising reinforcement came when the cake was revealed. Made by my 2nd sister who obviously should be baking for a living. Maybe one day can convince her. But anyway behold the newest tank to the armoury.....Cakerium!!! This mighty tank dwarfed even the super heavys of the imperial guard! Forces of the imperium quickly rallied around the new arrival to try and tackle the Titans of battlegroup Xepherificus. Alas even with their new back up they were no match and Cakerium was destroyed in the ensuing battle fueling the battle group to even more wanton destruction leaving the defeat armies to scatter and regroup at another time. 
Before its demise, a picture recording was captured and honoured Cakerium can be remembered with fond memories to raise the spirits and ensure that its sacrifice was not in vain! It was however delicious. Lets hope more role off the manufactorium floor soon! Though not too soon as may supersized the titan battlegroup!!
Forces rally around the new arrival

A Crimson fist takes courage from the mighty beast

Even the baneblade is dwarfed!!

Note how even the thick Iced armour failed to save it

The shattered wreakage

Anyway to cap off just a few pics of the other birthday treat, the Lego delorean!! Being a child of the 80s that grew up with this film this was an awesome gift from me eldest sis. So spending part of the afternoon building it, it was only fair it got some time in the spot light of the new studio...

Things are looking up!!

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