Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Spectre of progress

Yup a lame title, Ho hum... But here i am again, another week and another post! Wow,what is going on?
Nevertheless progress has indeed been made. Focus this week has been on the Shadow spectres.
Now whilst these are beautiful sculpts they don't half take a lot of time to prep as lots of mould lines keep popping up dure to the flowing robes and such, also on the actual carapace bit, removal from the its flash channel piece is also a bit problematic as is near a targeter detail. Think these are models that would benefit from some liquid greenstuff on hand. Alas i did not have any and being as impatient as the blog name just got stuck in. and touched up as i went along. As for storage, have no idea how that will happen as their billowy streamers will be very fragile. Anyhoo still, they are lovely dynamic looking models with a certain gundam-esque styling to them

Colour scheme wise, For Irrilyth i decide to follow Rant in E Minor's author Sorrowshard's scheme. My take has nothing on the original, but reasonably happy with him. Base just needs a bit more work.

Head on a stick- with added OSLeffect 
For the spectres wanted a clean looking ethereal look so went with white and tried to make them appear a bit glowy, with a light ice blue on armour panel lines and gaps to make it appear like their armour was glowing and powering the robes. For the holo robes went with a dark turquoise. If my skill were better i would have tried to do a transition from white to the darker colour to try and suggest the holographic nature. Alas, still looks ok. Anyway will let the pics do the talking. Originally this was only goin to be a 5 man squad but after winning some more on ebay they are now 10 strong to accompany their lord in to battle and will be the core of the Mymearan detachment

 And finally the test fig to make sure was happy with the scheme i was so now the rest are underway. Still lots more work to do.

I would put these photos together but for some reason blogger won't let me but apologies for the gaps and weird formatting

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