Thursday, 11 July 2013

Eldarly progress

Thought it was June when i wrote last... hmmm not so it seems, alas time flies. Have been enjoying the time at least and hobby has not been neglected. I touched on it previously but with so many things vying for a finite amount of available time, it's inevitable blogging will be sacrificed. Still, do manage to read loads of blogs daily though. It's probably not good for me. Much like eBay obsession can't be particularly healthy either. Whilst amassing piles of minis is rewarding at the time. Does feel kind of sad when you have armies sitting around looking despondent, despite them being wanted very much. However, I have vowed to get around them eventually and have often half joked that I'm saving them for retirement whenever that may be...Sigh... 

Anyway some images of progress from the pass couple of months. One of my first armies, as previously mentioned are getting an upgrade and reinforcements 

Wraithguard revamp, 
Autarch in progress, came without arms so fashioning me own from the bits box
Iliac - One of the few i couldn't resist getting on  release.

Dire avengers


Core craftworlders
And finally some group shots of the 2nd edition army.

Aspects and Phoeni... is that the plural?

Harlequin troupes
Finally as a separate project Anima tactics

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