Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Eldar are coming....

Okay its the eve of my last exam for a bit, but excitement over the forthcoming Eldar release has got me checking for updates despite the need to revise....

Anyway i had been keeping an eye on the rumour sites so knew they had been on the radar for a while as such started the revamp of me old Eldar. Going to be splitting this project into three.

Part one will be revamp of old Eldar army of 2nd edition minis. Adding some dire avengers, finishing some seers, guardians, the warwalker squadron and another wraithlord that came with an ebay win. These will represent the normal citzenry of Ulthwe resplendent in their yellow helms.
Part Two will be adding to my current Eldar force based on the Black guardians of Ulthwe, currently consisting of mainly plastics and 4th addition updates. The new stuff i think will go here, with new wraithguard being the main additions from this release, but probably the knight eventually. And if fighters grow on me too much maybe a couple fo those.. but first have walkers, a wraithlord, avengers, dragons and support platforms to contend with.
Part three will be sorting out my FW contingent of Eldar. Lynx is looking beauitful but couldn't decide on whether to paint it Ulthwe, then i got the warphunter and now some shadow spectres.... which got me thinking....why don't i do it as an offshoot of Mymeara, the lost host of Irilyth, phoenix lord of the shadow spectres... it will be a small but fast attacking force that strikes like the spectre of the phoenix lord.... mwahahahah

Anyway as a teaser and to illustrate that it has begun....

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