Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Salute... the aftermath

Been a while. but that shouldn't be so surprising with my track record...

i must say kudos to those that manage to blog regularly, really takes effort and dedication to come up with quality content. Obviously I really struggle. How was it that i once thought i could be a writer? Nevertheless struggle on i will and by the wonders of modern technology i have part written this on my relatively new smart phone. As the kids say, "totes amazeballs" (Not mine by the way as they don't exist yet). So bear with me as thought i should write about my experience at this year's Salute, the first such experience i have had at this annual event.

Mr McVey!
Now had been hearing about Salute for a few years whilst browsing the tinternet's hobby related forums and blogosphere. However, it never really occurred to me to go as didn't think it was relevant being mainly GW focussed. But this year something twigged (probably to do with my continued exploration into the world of alternative mini companies) and decided i'd give it a go and get my ticket early. Glad i did! Was definitely an eye opener and also brought back much nostalgia as several hobby shaping faces from my youth cropped up throughout the day, namely Mike McVey, master painter of the time (at his stand), Paul Sawyer aka "fat bloke" of White Dwarf Editor (at the warlord games stand) and the Perry twins, renowned sculptors manning their stand. Seeing them brought a child like smile to my older wizened face.
Scale wise i thought it was going to be smaller than a GW gamesday, how wrong i was. It was roughly the same scale to the last gamesday i went to. While the GW event is exciting in its own sense as its what i grew up with, i'd say there is a lot more to see at Salute just due to the wide variety of companies showcasing their wares and catering for all sorts of hobby related needs. Ranging from terrain, to bases, all the mini genres you could want, storage and even furniture!

Fellblade up close and personal
But back to the day, walking through the entrance i was greeted by some cheery fellows who funnelled me through the pre-booked tickets aisle while handing me a goody bag! Awesome start. You don't get that at a gamesday! Don't think they've ever had a goody bag. Anyway no real time to look at what i got in the bag as i came to grips with the scene in front of me... stand upon stand of companies, gaming tables, people from re-enactment societies showing punters how to slash with a sword. To say i was slightly overawed is putting it politely...I simply did not know where to begin. Coupled this with the fact i had arranged to meet one of the ammobunker guys and give him some bits for a conversion he was after, had me wondering around a bit aimlessly. With the foresight of a gold fish, I had not asked for any contact details or arranged a meet point. So there i was looking for a guy i had never met in the aforementioned forum's t-shirt amongst a sea of lots of other guys with various t-shirts emblazoned with various other logos. In the end decided to do a quick circuit of the outer stands and work my way inwards, noting stands of interest, However not before taking off me coat as was mightly warm! But gradually made my way round, passing the well known stands of Forgeworld, Hasslefree minis, warlord, KR, trolltrader. Eventually ended up back at my start point. By this time it looked as if the FW queue had died down a bit so went to collect my order as well as pick up the event only minis. Spent my time in the queue gawped a bit at the display cabinet while waiting trying not to be tempted by anything shiny. (Was a toughie.... caved in later on in the day but not for the new shineys at least)

Did you say assault cannons? well they aren't, coulda fooled me though

 To be continued.... (basically because this has been in drafts for 2+ weeks now. :P)

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