Friday, 7 October 2011

We interupt this programming for.....err..not much reason

so... intermittent service continues. The last post wasn't actually complete, I just got tired and thought i'd finish it off the following day. As it was, one day turned into two, two into four...and before i knew it, October had arrived. Alas that is the way these days, weeks pass and i don't know where they disappear off to. Its been a long slog past couple of weeks with the boss off, draining away a lot of enthusiasm. But what little mojo that has remained i have poured into the hobby, focussing on painting and modelling so not all has been lost. Also as its always good to see the fruits of your labours, managed to get some more recent army shots to give me an idea of how it looks so far and what needs to be completed although even these shots don't give the whole picture as this is just the cadian infantry with a catachan company thrown in. Now I haven't yet decided on what to call the army as always thought i'd come up with a name for them rather that just cadians..but being relatively unimaginative to create a back story i think they will be just cadians... specifically the 88th expeditionary battlegroup...i just made that up...but kinda like it. Thinking is that I want them to be a space faring battlegroup to link into my Battlefleet gothic fleet so the "expeditionary"  bit is likely to stay....anyway one to ponder....but the battalion in full will have other regiments in it so makes sense. But for now pics of what i'm working on, which is mainly the cadian element.

In this pic is B & C companies from the cadians and a catachan demi company. All my companies will consist of roughly 3 platoons of 3 squads with attendant heavy weapon support. Demi companies are the ones that don't quite reach that quota.(Basically all the other regiments, Valhallan, Catachan)

C company is the one furthest to the left made up of old school metal cadians.
Catachan "Jungle cat" company is obviously the middle one, (bases need to be painted)
which leaves B company on the right. This is a company predominantly designed to hold the line with autocannons and Grenade launchers aplenty. I'll introduce them squad by squad eventually but just as an initial introduction

And in this pic is A company on the right and the LAG or "light assault group" to the left made up of the 9 squads on the left. These are all veterans or grenadiers and are mounted in Chimeras that are not pictured.

At the moment i am focussing on finishing up A company which is missing several squads, but the LAG is also getting some attention as will only need a few more troopers to reach completion.
And just for the fun of it as built and finished him recently, a WIP of 1st Sgt of 1st Platoon in A company. In this company all 1st sqd sgts will be armed with swords, 2nd sqd sgts with chainswords, 3 sqd sgts laspistols to help differentiate the squads.

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