Friday, 4 November 2011

Month of Change

So doesn't look like this is going to be a regular thing. Requires a surprising amount of time to update this and when low on energy, inclination is even more diminished. Even now this is a semi cut and paste job as i also post on a couple of mini related forums so am using some of that content! lol!   However, the lowdown for my month long absence is that major changes are afoot, both at work and at home. Not least of these is that I am in the process of making the largest purchase of my life..and no its not a titan, although that would be awesome... i am of course talking about becoming a home owner, its been a stressful few weeks hence lack of motivation.

Anyway the gist of this post is that I'm back..if only momentarily, having taken the day off work to "revise" for another professional exam which is soon to fall upon me, i've been able to regroup slightly. So following up on previous army shot decided to continue in a similar vein

This can also serve as a preview chronicle in prep for the big change. Therefore thought it be cool to see my guard army in all its glory and put together another of my roll call parades. Thought it be good also to have a stock take, gf and family have "joked" about selling off my minis to pay for the deposit...hmmmm, now even though i know each mini in my collection, it's still good to have some evidence! :D so after some fun late last night and this morning I present the latest view of the maybe "Cadian" expeditionary battle group. Main photo includes almost every guard model i own bar the ones being built and a few artillery crew. So with out further we go

Furthest forward: Storm troopers and other misc at the front such as a death korps grenadier squad and some of Gaunts ghosts
Front left: Catachan "Jungle cats" company
Front Middle: Veteran light Assault company
Front Right: "Desert Ice" company
Back left: "C" company - "Codger" company - the old guard(metals)
Back Middle: "A" Company - "Advanced" company(Being built)
Back right: "B" Company - "Bastion" company

"Desert Ice" company

Veteran light Assault company & Death korps etc

"Jungle cats" Catachan company

"C" company

"A" Company

"B" Company

and finally, what would a guard army be without its here is the "Armoured Corps"

Left: Leman russ company - Spartans supported by baneblade "Deliverance"
Middle: Chimera phalanx - LAVs for use with Light assault company
Right: Artillery company ("Heavy reign" -under construction) and fire support (literally- 3 hellhounds & 1 swappable pup- "the firebrands") supported by shadow sword "Providence"

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