Tuesday, 6 March 2012

And the beat goes on..

So, despite my lack of enthusiasm to update, as previously mentioned I have been fairly productive the past few months and i should really post up some progress to demonstrate the fact. This is in spite of pending exams and study gradually ratcheting up and house move/decorating. However, when it comes to updating here i guess because I already have a project log on the Ammobunker, - a friendly forum of like minded individuals - this diminishes my will to basically rewrite what has been written before,... but then that kinda defeats the point of this log....hmmm....anyway my mind is wandering...but in summary i will endeavour to continue updating this blog as it is my record of my hobby love. Anyhoo i should also mark the first milestone of my first comment. Many thanks to Admiral Drax for the kind words, his blog actually put me on the road to my own blog and his painting excel spread sheet was a catalyst for progress on the guard army. (will save that for another post) So many thanks indeed!

But now to photos, an eclectic mix but then i do like to mix it up

The Mercy of Isha of the Lightspear squadron of Ulthwe...this has been  PIP for ages...still not finished but there abouts.

Scout sentinels

Armoured sentinels

AoBR Nobz and the Kommando nob i picked up as one of my first ebay purchases cos really dig the modell 

Paint on the mortar team

And another one

Landspeeder storm

St Celestine

Lorr et co.

I'll probably embellish with more words later but i'm a bit sleepy now! but hope you enjoy the update

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