Sunday, 29 January 2012

Two New years later.., its time for an update

Its been a long time, so much so two new year's have passed and its almost February already! How time flies.  well belated Happy new year and Chinese New year. Hope its a good one and not the end of the world as the Mayans predicted.
Not sure why its been so long, maybe because i've been making the most of freedom after my exam. (i Passed btw! Huzzah!!) More likely its been an overwhelming laziness to post updates. Updating a blog is more work than i figured. Trying to be interesting and witty is hard going (multitasking is not my forte). During my younger days, with ample time and the motivation to create an internet identity, this might have gone differently, but as the years have advanced there has been a marked deterioration in my ability to ability to command words has deserted me...sigh... and here's me thinking i could have been a writer. But that's the way the dice roll i guess, not that i play....but lets not dwell. The main purpose of this blog was to chronicle my hobby and to update on ongoing projects. Thankfully on that level I have not been completely idle. Having had a recent renaissance of the mojo, I have been making solid progress on lots WIP projects. So much so since i took these pics even more progress has been made! but they will have to do for the time being as more photos take time. Anyhoo enough jibba jabba, let let the pics do the talking....with a few captions for commentary of course!

The fleet is complete, well bar a battle barge that I got from Ebay which is still to be built

Ebay reclaimed cruisers hence the missing bits.

Vanquisher squadron - not quite finished but markings added and added some more camo today so they look a bit different

Valhallans worryingly becoming a full company . Darn Ebay again. But these guys are veterans from '94 when they were first released. This picture was taken for posterity as decided to repaint them and make them a true veteran squad b promoting a couple to command squads and then adding some meltas.

And Valhallan conversions

Finally some mortar teams. this one has now been painted and the one further below is done. All in all quite good progress.

So, there you have it. Hopefully won't leave it so long til the next update, but with new exams looming and a house move imminent won't make any rash promises, but here's hoping!

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  1. Oh boy - loving those Valhallans: especially the conversions!