Monday, 9 June 2014

Themed armies

Painting wise have not been able to finish much, but have been working on some wraithguard and trying to finish off some death company, still working on the wraithknight as well, putting in some magnets for his arms. But this weekend has been about getting some modelling done and putting into action an idea that as been brewing in me brain for a while....

Storm guardians
I have a history of bringing  televisual influences into my hobby. Previous such influences included Sharpe, Lara croft, band of brothers. But having been introduced to the joy of the anime of Bleach by me missus, its influence has gradually taken hold in that it has moved me to try and bring some of the characters into my armies in some form. Ideas like this usually mean theming an army. But not wanting to start from scratch, ideas have been floating around in me head as to where they could fit. Initial thoughts had been an inquisition band but then when i started revisited the Eldar and creating the Mymearan army it kinda made me want to put them in Eldar form especially since they are quite slight in frame. Then it hit me whilst lining up what i had painted in a role call. I could repurpose my armies to represent a couple of central factions of Bleach. Ulthwe being black could represent the "shinigami" or soul reapers and the Mymearans could represent the Quincy - Soul destroyers or something to that effect. This idea was further crystalised by how the armies were set up. The Mymearans i had were mostly employing light based weapons akin to the Quincy spirit bow. While the Ulthwe had a predominance of shuriken...i.e bladed weapons... therefore it fitted nicely. As such, when i continue to expand the armies, will stick to this tenet so that Ulthwe will mainly make use of only bladed, warp and monofilament based weapons, while the Mymearans would be light and speed based weapons.

But what would unite the two and how would the Ichigo, the main protaganist and his friends fit in as belonged to neither....

after pondering a while the answer, was obvious.....Harlequins!!
The rest of the troupe will represent the vizards and still figuring out how to include the other main characters but am sure that will come. but for now just starting to turn the leaders into captains and such..

and here's he first attempt in creating Ichigo. can't get his mask right but will work on it some more.


  1. I managed to get to episode 50 and I was done. Not a big fan of anime where episodes end up being just one long fight between characters who have "ultimate" powers that drop city blocks in one hit, yet rarely receive a scratch.

    But.... saying that, I like the idea and wholly agree that Eldar match the Bleach esthetic best out of the 40K image. (And harlequins are the really only cool Eldar out there, the rest being just silly Space High Elves. but that could just be the old school Squat player speaking...)

    1. Oh he received more than just scratches, but always recovered in time for the next fight! But to be fair it did take me like 4 yrs to finish the main story arc, and that was with skipping some of the fillers!
      still, the characters have left an impression, as have the aesthetics so my poncy space elves will go to the ball dressed like dandies! :D Anyway bah to squats, never did them any good and see where that got them!!
      But thanks again for dropping by